Two heads are better than one! Here, a manufacturer's rep from Hussey Seating Company provides on-going education to one of our team.

Bleachers and is the Southeast's leading solutions-provider for bleacher inspections and repair, basketball goal inspection and repair and fixed seating repair and installation.

With over 10 years in the industry, our trained and certified technicians are experts in most bleacher, basketball goal and fixed seating brands.  

Our company is not affiliated with any particular brand which allows us to provide the best consulting possible to our customers without prejudice for any particular brand.  We have earned distributor rights with all brands so that we exclusively use OEM parts to repair bleachers, basketball goals and auditorium seating.  This is a competitive advantage to us and our clients as most school districts own multiple brands for which we are able to provide single-source service.  

Our clients tell us that they most appreciate the creativity that we bring to their projects.  Whether teaching your maintenance staff the basics of preventive maintenance or diagnosing issues using technology to save the time and expense of a service call, we treat your facility and your budget with the same respect that we apply to our own business.  See our webpage on reconfiguration for examples of creative approaches to bleacher and seating needs for any sized budget. 

Bleachers and is regularly awarded repeat business from our clients and we work hard to maintain and enrich those relationships.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your business as well.

Bleachers and was featured
in The Tennessean newspaper for our work at the the 90-year-old Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN.

Our Vision

At Bleachers and Seats, we are in business to provide excellent communication, customer service and, most importantly, peace of mind to our customers regarding the safety and functionality of their bleachers and basketball goals. Although our trade is inspecting and servicing equipment, we are first and foremost a customer service company. As we are successful:

  • We will be considered the leading company in customer service for bleacher and basketball goal inspection/service/parts in the territories we serve.
  • We will develop a relationship with all customers as a partner in safety, not just a vendor.
  • We will be looked to as subject matter experts in safety by both customers and codes enforcement officials.
  • Basketball goal safety will be treated as a matter of importance in building codes.
  • Code compliance for bleachers and basketball goals will be seen as a necessary and achievable goal by our customers.

We must first meet the needs of our customers with the highest standard of quality, honest and prompt communication and integrity in all we do. Our customers are more than just customers. They are our neighbors and friends. We must do business in such a way that we are proud to bump into our customers in the grocery store or post office.

We must also serve the needs of our employees by providing a competitive wage, a clear path for upward mobility and a positive, respectful atmosphere. Bleachers and Seats should be a place where our employees feel like family and want to stay and grow with us. They should feel supported in trying new things and know that they have the freedom to fail and the freedom to learn.

We must finally look to the needs of our financial stakeholders. We cannot serve our customers or our employees without being both fiscally mindful and growth oriented.

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